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LED Lighting Overview 

Lighting accounts for 19% of the world’s electricity consumption. This means that almost, a fifth of the world’s electricity is used for lighting which results in 1.9 billion tons of carbon emission every year. This emission is equivalent to 70% of the world’s vehicle’s carbon emission. This consumption can be reduced by switching to LED technology. LED technology is revolutionizing the energy efficiency of lighting. However, because this technology its fairly new, it faces barriers to adoption from a market that is unfamiliar with its benefits. Yet, this technology is infinitely scalable and reliable with a longer life span than any other type of lighting, making it crucial for companies like Grandstage Trading to introduce this technology to Africa. Read more...

The Lighting Africa Lamp: Off the Grid-Solar Powered Solution 

The Grandstage LED energy saver will be used for the Lighting Africa, One Child at a Time project. The lightbulb has been used to create the Grandstage Light for Africa Lamp, a solar powered and energy saver LED lightbulb. The Lighting Africa Lamp has been created as the solution to the problem of inadequate lighting in underprivileged communities. The Lighting for Africa Lamp has been specially designed with students in mind. Read More...

The Documentary

Grandstage Trading will embark on a documentary project in efforts to illustrate the challenges faced by underprivileged students who are hindered in their studies due to the lack of adequate lighting facilities. In the documentary, Grandstage Trading will introduce its Lighting Africa Lamp that has been uniquely designed to meet this challenge that many students in South Africa are facing. The purpose of the documentary is to educate viewers on the innovative changes in the lighting industry, while simultaneously addressing the issue of poor lighting in South Africa. Read More...

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