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Grandstage is currently working on a documentary project in efforts to illustrate the challenges faced by underprivileged students who are hindered in their studies due to the lack of adequate lighting facilities. In the documentary, Grandstage introduces their Lighting Africa Lamp that has been uniquely designed to meet this challenge that many students in South Africa are facing. The purpose of the documentary is to educate the public on the innovative changes in the lighting industry, while simultaneously addressing the issue of poor lighting in South Africa. Grandstage views its product as the solution for the South African government and hopes that beyond raising awareness this documentary can result in the government and other to partner with the company and sponsor children in poor communities with the lamp as part of Grandstage corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.
In order to achieve this, Grandstage is conducting a survey documentary using 3 underprivileged schools in South Africa. The company selects the matric learners in each school and given the Lighting Africa Lamp along with informational packs on how the product works, as well as general information on the innovativeness of LED lighting. A demonstration of how the product works is done to the students. This is done concurrently with the launch of Grandstage’s LED products where key industry players will be present. However, the purpose of the documentary is to highlight how lighting matters and is crucial in the development and future of South African youth. The company selects two students from each school, making a total of six students and document their final year of matric. The documentary juxtaposes their academic lives before and after receiving the lamp, in order to see in what ways, the Lighting Africa Lamp has improved their ability to study. Grandstage anticipates that at the end of the survey, the participants of the survey documentary will show an improvement in their academics. This is because, Grandstage believes inadequate lighting in South Africa is a factor in the poor performance of high school students. 
Plan of Execution-Thus, Grandstage firstly documents the challenges the learners faced before receiving the Lighting Africa Lamp. The company looks at how the students were studying before access to adequate lighting and the ways in which these methods were affecting their academics and extra mural activities. Upon, identifying these challenges Grandstage Trading then documents how the Lighting Africa Lamp has improved the lives of these matric learners. This is achieved through testimonial interviews with both students and their teachers as well as an analysis of their ability to complete their homework on time, participate in sporting or extra mural activities and overall grades. The documentary follows these students’ journey until their final matric exams.

The before and after analyses of these students lives aims to highlight how lighting is crucial to the development and success of a student. Underprivileged students cannot achieve their goals and alleviate poverty in their families if they do not attain the minimum requirements to enter into university. Thus, while Grandstage notes the importance of financial stability and a good quality education, it believes that, the lack of access to adequate lighting is a crucial yet undermined factor that also impacts on one’s future. Therefore, by changing the way South Africa views energy, and by educating the government and the masses on the importance of LED technology, Grandstage can change the lives of these students and their communities for the better.

Future Goals-As part of the project, for every bulb that is bought, Grandstage Trading will partner with underprivileged schools by donating a percentage of the bulb sales to the school. Furthermore, the company believes that the Lighting Africa Lamp project is crucial to changing the socioeconomic and social status of the youth of South Africa. Therefore, Grandstage Trading would like to expand this project to rural schools who continue to be excluded in the development of the country. Furthermore, the company intends to use our flagship Smart LED Bulb to benefit low-income communities such as squatter camps who continue to rely on kerosene lamps and candlesticks. The company also plans to expand its Smart LED Bulb to the whole of Africa who face similar issues as identified in South Africa. Grandstage Trading will focus on empowerment through job creation which is crucial to South Africa. The company will employ workers to assemble the light bulbs, promoters who will advertise and sell the product.

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