Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Charges during normal use.)

It Turns On/Off from the Switch During Outages.

Energy Efficient, ROHS Compliant.

Works with a Standard Light Fixture.

Simple installation as per normal globe. Plug and play.

LED fittings Bayonet and Screw type ( E27 / B22 ).

Works when base is immersed in water.

4 hours of Light During a Power Outage.

Designed to be both energy efficient and enhance safety, the LED Intelligent bulb is a revolutionary innovation. 

When power goes out it still works like a normal light bulb providing light. So there is no frantic search for the flash light or batteries. 


Energy Efficient, ROHS Compliant.

Turns On/Off from the Switch During Outages.
 Works with a Standard Light Fixture.  

Simple installation as per normal globe. Plug and play.  

LED fittings Bayonet and Screw type ( E27 / B22 )

During a power outage, the Solar Powered Street Lamp can operate on stored power for up to 4 hours.



LED fluorescent lamp

LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, and does not contain lead, unlike the traditional fluorescent lamp which contains a large amount of mercury vapor.(Once a bulb is broken, such mercury vapor will be volatile into the atmosphere, thus polluting the environment.)

LED fluorescent lamps are be good to the environment and classified under green lighting.

Unlike traditional lamps, the LED Fluorescent Lamp uses energy very efficiently and does so in silence, without the undesired noise of the older designs this makes it very suitable for the quiet environment, such as the library, office etc.

Down lights are one of the most popular lighting choices for any home, bringing a seamless sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom or living areas. Choose energy saving LEDs.

They come in 1w, 2w, 3w, and 5w or as specified by the customer. LED down lights save energy by up to 85% compared to incandescent products.


LED Emergency T8 Tubes 

LEDs contain no mercury. This makes them safe for the environment.

Many LEDs have full dimming capabilities.

LEDs offer directional light (illumination exactly where you need it). 

LEDs work perfectly with control systems, since their life is not affected by turning them on/off.

Today’s LEDs produce light in a variety of color temperatures similar to fluorescent, but don’t have any flickering issues that can happen with fluorescent.

The average life of a T8 LED is 50,000 hours, versus only 30,000 hours for an average T8 LFL. One thing to keep in mind though is that there are now linear fluorescent T8 lamps that last up to 84,000 hours.                                                                      

T8 LED tubes were traditionally made using plastic and aluminum meaning they are shatterproof. If you have an application where you need shatterproof lamps, the plastic LED T8 tube makes more sense