2011 LED lighting market and technology 

Green lighting applications boom has come, LED lighting has become an irreversible trend. 2012, Japan will be fully disable incandescent. Taiwan's relevant departments also announced that as of the end of 2012 a total ban on the use of high energy consumption of incandescent light bulbs. The European Union as early as 2009 began to promote compact fluorescent lamps and LED lighting, in order to make the incandescent lamp out of the EU market in 2012. USA will start from 2012, lock up most of the incandescent light bulb, began phasing out the 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W incandescent bulb. READ FULL ARTICLE

LED fluorescent lamp of the advantages of the market point


LED fluorescent lamp with its unique advantages more and more into people's lives. What are the advantages of this lamp? Today, we'll take a look.
1, LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, and there is no lead, the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a large amount of mercury vapor, once such a broken mercury vapor will be volatile into the atmosphere, thus polluting the environment, and LED fluorescent lamps can be a good environment, is one of the green light. READ FULL ARTICLE

Traditional light accelerated by replacement process

Traditional light accelerated by replacement process

Global lighting market divided into general lighting, automotive lighting and display three categories, the general lighting, including office lighting, home lighting,rail transportation,lighting, etc., the market share of up to 80% . READ FULL ARTICLE

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